Solutions economical

An economically designed system should provide:

  • the system retains full functionality while maintaining a low price
  • Fully scalable as any other system
  • Modularized build allowing for system expansion to achieve new functionalities
  • Fully developed system range allowing to choose from discussion, conference, and paperless systems

Our systems tailored to these requirements:

TL-V4200 with optional camera tracking system

Basic wired conference system with voting option, and camera tracking. System allows voting, casting votes, register delegates, automatic tracking of active delegates. System can be equipped with three types of  conference units with different functionalities

TL-3200 with optional camera tracking system

Basic wired discussion system with support for HD video camera tracking. Multiple chairman vice-chairman units are allowed. Attendance registration by key press and supplementary registration

Our systems are perfectly crafted for your needs

GONSIN approaches every consumer individually. Our modern conference solutions guarantee reliability and cutting-edge technology. Extensive systems implemented all over the world are the result of many years of experience on conference market.

 If you are interested in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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