A perfect Public Address System should allow:

  • Sound reinforcement for any application
  • Expandable system, tailored for any budget
  • System build based on high grade components
  • Easy integration with third party solutions

Our systems tailored to these requirements:

Sound reinforcement system for education

System equipped with hanging microphones with long pick-up range. Intelligent microphone mixing and seamless switching for hands free operation. Optional system devices sending audio signal using LAN network

Universal PA system for any conference system

System designed to fully support any conference room. Many types of speakers to choose from. Equipped with mixing console for integration with third party devices. Maximize sound clarity with DSP processor.

Our systems are perfectly crafted for your needs

GONSIN approaches every consumer individually. Our modern conference solutions guarantee reliability and cutting-edge technology. Extensive systems implemented all over the world are the result of many years of experience on conference market.

 If you are interested in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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